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Card Competition

Christmas card competition
Christmas card competition
Christmas card competition
Christmas card competition
Christmas card competition


This December get creative and enter our Christmas Card Competition. This is your opportunity to get those creative juices flowing and create something you love about Irish Heritage. You can choose what medium you use for your artwork, whether it’s crayons, paints, pastels or a mixture. This is your chance to get creative.  


There are 4 categories you can choose from: - 

  • Music 

  • Singing 

  • Dancing 

  • Storytelling 


Entry requirements 

  • All artwork must be produced on an A5 size piece of paper or card. 

  • You can only submit 1 entry per person 

Closing date

Friday 15th December 2023


All entries will be judged using the following criteria: -  

  • Clarity of the theme 

  • Use of colour 

  • Level of originality & creativity 

Submitting your art-work


To submit your artwork please use the form below. You can either scan your artwork or take a photo it. Files should be no larger than 15MB and should be a PNG or Jpeg file. All artworks will be uploaded onto our website, producing a colourful gallery celebrating all you love about Irish Heritage. 



The chosen winner will have their design printed on Comhaltas in Britain's Christmas thank-you cards. These cards will be used to send a personalised thank-you to our supporters.  

If under the age of 18, please enter your parents' or guardian's details. 

Christmas Art Competition

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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