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Irish Dancing


When we talk about Irish dancing, everybody thinks of Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance. But, Irish dancing has been around for a long time and is a significant part of Irish heritage.  Dancing could be seen at social gatherings, competitions and performances. There are many types of dancing in Ireland, with each province having it's own unique style, but the two most popular types are Step dance and Ceili dancing. 

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Step Dancing 

Riverdance is probably the most recognisable version of step dancing with the classic stiffer upper body and quick feet. Step dancing has a long history in Ireland with mentions as early as the 17th Century. Step dancing can be performed as either a solo or a group. Competion dancers are usually judged on their posture, timing and rhythm. 

Shoes play an important role in this style of dancing, with hard shoes producing rhythmic sounds that are part of the performances and soft shoes being a more balletic style.

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Ceili Dancing 

Ceili dancing is performed as part of a group at a social gathering accompanied by a Ceili band. There is usually a caller that instructs the crowd on what steps are coming next. Remember this type of dancing is usually for non-dancers who are there to have fun. Adding embellishments, including spins, is accepted. This is a type of dancing that anybody can join in. 

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