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Instruments, lessons and teachers are expensive. It usually seems out of reach for many families. This Christmas, we're asking you to give back the gift of music.


With the cost of living and many families struggling to support themselves. Irish Traditional music lessons seem like the last thing on their mind. Music making is seen as an extra expense and luxury rather than something brings joy, community and mental wellbeing. 


Pass on the gift of music today by supporting your local branch. You can do this several ways. 

  1. Donate or fundraise for your branch. You can do this by following this link.

  2. Do you have old instruments or musical books sitting around your house? This might be an opportunity to bring those items to your local branch. 

  3. Donate your time and take up volunteering with your branch. This could be through organising a session in your local pub, supporting the committee or helping out at events. Contact your local branch for more information. 

 This will help your branch to continue the amazing work they do.

£10 will pay for a whistle to start a child's musical journey. 

£50 will pay for a teacher to teach a class for 1 hour. 

£200 will help pay for a workshop where new members can come and learn Sean-nos

£900 will help send one teacher from Britain to Dublin to train on Comhaltas' TTCT Teacher Training Course

Every penny helps to support people in your community and keep Irish Traditions alive!

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