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Fundraising Top Tips

Follow our top tips below to maximise your fundraising:-

Set yourself a target

By setting yourself a target you'll raise 17% more. Reach for the stars!

Share your story

Telling your story about why you have chosen to support us will help people to connect with your fundraising. Sharing your story can help you raise 65% more!

Add photos and videos

Adding photos and videos will enhance your page and can increase giving by up to 23%. Choose a great photo for your cover image.

Connect your fitness apps

f you are taking on a physical fitness challenge don't forget to connect your fitness app to your fundraising page. This will help your supporters track your progress. You can raise up to 111% more by connecting your apps.

Thank your supporters

Personalise your thank you message on your page. Always thank your supporters after your event as well as when people donate. 20% of donations can come in once you have completed your event.

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