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Day Three


of the All-





Patrick Ballantyne shares his thoughts about the last day of the All-Britain Fleadh 2024. 

A schedule full of competitions

30th of June 2024

“The final day of competitions started early at 10 am. The day promised to be a marathon of competitions, following a long night of craic. 


The morning kicked off with 13 competitions, showcasing the extraordinary skill and dedication of musicians across all age groups. From lilting, dancing, playing the concertina and accordion, each solo competition shows the progress and proficiency displayed by competitors, spanning from the budding talents of the under 12s to the seasoned competitors of the Seniors. 


After all the competitions were done, volunteers helped dismantle stages, pack away equipment, and reset rooms to their former state. Their efforts are the unsung heartbeat of the Fleadh. I want to take a moment to express heartfelt appreciation to all who contributed to the event's resounding success. From the dedicated volunteers, to the efforts of the Fleadh committee who dedicated countless hours over the past year to prepare for this momentous occasion, each individual played an integral role in bringing the Fleadh to fruition.


Special recognition is extended to the provincial council for their unwavering support, the borough of St. Helens for their warm hospitality, and the distinguished guests including Mayor Cllr Jeanette Banks for their gracious presence and support. The generous funding provided by the Government of Ireland Emigrant Support Programme. The support of the Irish General Consulate of Ireland from Manchester, with Consul General Sarah Mangan. 


Gratitude is also extended to the dedicated staff members who went above and beyond their call of duty to provide invaluable insight and logistical support, as well as to the sponsors whose generous contributions helped make the event possible. And of course, the competitors deserve special commendation for their dedication and hours of practice. Congratulations to everybody and well done to the winners who will now be attending the All-Ireland Fleadh in Wexford. 


I’m proud and grateful for a year filled with memorable moments and meaningful connections. The baton is passed to the capable hands of the Midland Region and the new Fleadh Chair Marian Dwyer. It has been an honour and a privilege to organise an event of this magnitude.”

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