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Day One


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Patrick Ballantyne, All-Britain Fleadh Chair, gives us an insight into all the hard work being done today before our official opening tomorrow at 12pm.

Preparing for the weekend ahead

28th of June 2024

It's clear that the All-Britain Fleadh is a massive undertaking, requiring the dedication and hard work of numerous volunteers and organisers. As we’re on the eve of the All-Britain Fleadh's official opening, Pat, the Fleadh Chair, offers a glimpse into the activity behind the scenes.


“With the first day of the All-Britain Fleadh starting tomorrow, the atmosphere here is a blend of nerves and excitement. Behind the scenes, volunteers have ensured a seamless experience for our competitors. Meaning that many hours have been poured into setting up and readying the venues. I just want to say thank you to a few people who have made this weekend possible. 


Firstly Mairi Docherty and her role as Co-secretary, she has taken on a big responsibility of managing tens of volunteers who will be the backbone of tomorrow’s schedule. Loads of people applied to support us throughout the weekend and we are so grateful to each individual who’s decided to give up their time. Comhaltas in Britain is a voluntary led organisation and we truly couldn’t pull off such a massive event without them. 

Also David Browne, and Michael Fitzgerald, who are instrumental in the logistics department. From setting up competition venues to managing ticket sales. Finally with the backing of the music sub-committee, we have been able to collaborate with adjudicators and clerks to ensure correct competition settings. 

We come to Declan Bibby for representing the Northern Region. Declan has spent all of today chauffeuring adjudicators from the airport to their hotel to ensure smooth sailing of the competitions. Our trophy officer Calum McGregor, as he has been tracking lost trophies and securing new sponsorships. 


As the final preparations are being made, we all can’t wait to see the group competitions tomorrow and see what competitors are going to bring to the table.If you have time, join us tonight at the Mercure hotel for our first session of the weekend. You can also pick up your pre-paid wristbands from Elske Simpson after 8pm.

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