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Calum McGregor

Accordion Player
and Provincial Youth Officer

"Without being involved in Comhaltas, I wouldn’t be nearly the person I am today."

My Story

June 2024


I've been extremely lucky to have been brought up through Comhaltas. My first memory of getting involved in the organisation is being taken to the Irish Minstrels classes in Glasgow on Tuesday Nights when I was younger, just like several of my cousins before me. Our family has always embraced our Irish heritage, and this felt like a chance to get in touch with my roots while also learning a skill and making some new friends along the way.


I always wanted to learn an instrument, but I hated taking private music lessons and felt like something was missing. When I took private lessons, I didn’t get the chance to come together with other musicians. Being taught through Comhaltas was a completely different experience. Not only was I taught how to play Irish music by world-class tutors, but Comhaltas also allowed me to meet a whole host of new people, experience things that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise and grow my confidence far beyond what I thought was possible. 


I was fortunate enough to have been elected as a Youth Officer for Comhaltas in Britain, and I’ve had the opportunity to not only give back to the organisation but also to develop new skills and build upon ones I already had, such as my decision-making and public speaking skills. In this role, I’m trying to further the experience for all youth members of the organisation across Britain and along with my fellow youth officer Mairi, we hope to make sure that members get the most from their experience and benefit from Comhaltas as much as we and so many others have.


Without being involved in Comhaltas, I wouldn’t be nearly the person I am today. I’m so lucky to have been able to learn music and work with the organisation and I’d urge and encourage everyone, regardless of age, to join Comhaltas.

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