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Online Comhaltas Competitions OCCs

This is the page for the Onine Comhaltas Competitions. There are up to 4 regional competitions operating in Britain with a final Britain wide competition taking place in June featuring qualifiers from the regional competitions.

Please ensure you have read the documents below before recording your entry video and entering the competition and if you have any issues with any part of the entry process, the videos at the bottom of this page should help.


The Deadline for entries are as follows:

Scottish OCC (SOCC) 31st March

Northern OCC (NOCC) 11th April

Midlands OCC (MOCC) 25th April

London & Southern OCC (LOCC) 19th April

Setting up a Gmail account

Using the application form via computer (even if planning to enter using a phone or tablet, please watch this video as it contains important information!)

Entering using an iOS device (iPad or iPhone)

Entering using an android device (phone or tablet by other manufacturers)

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