FÉILE 2020 - One Last Request!


FÉILE - Comhaltas in Britain's BIG Virtual weekend 2020 was a huge success in showcasing all of what is great about Comhaltas in Britain to a huge audience of over 150,000 people!

As a huge thank you to everyone involved, we would like to make one last request of our members and branches and it is for you all to feature in our big final FÉILE video!

We are looking for you to record yourself Playing/Singing/Lilting (only one per video) along with two jigs My Darling Asleep & The Haunted House

To make this easier we've recorded a guide track to help you and instructions below!

We need you're videos by no later than Tuesday 14th July! 

FÉILE Video Guide Track
00:00 / 02:57



Before you start, download the sheet music and audio here and familiarise yourself with the tunes


You will need a device to play the guide track and headphones/earphones to allow you to hear this without recording this audio in the video

Tune your instrument


Make sure you have good lighting 

If you are using a mobile phone, set it to silent and turn on 'Do Not Disturb'

Make sure you have your recording device positioned in Landscape mode and not Portrait mode


The guide track begins with two counts of '1,2,3,4' - You need to count along with the second count of 1,2,3,4 so that we can hear you counting - this helps to align all the videos 

Record the video with as little background noise as possible and once it has been recorded, send it to us by visiting www.wetransfer.com and sending the recording to feile@comhaltas.co.uk

Don't forget to include your name on the we transfer message - and if possible, please rename your video file to your name so we know what to add to credits.